20-22 Oct 2016

Meeting challenges posed by modern international commercial litigation - Fifth Judicial Seminar on Commercial Litigation (Hong Kong)‚Äč

31 Jul 2015

50 Years of Commercial Law: the Commercial Law Association of Australia Anniversary Conference

20 Mar 2014

The global trend in mediation; confidentiality; and mediation in complex commercial disputes. An Australian perspective (Mediation Conference, Hong Kong)

21 Jun 2013

The new regime of practice in the Equity division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

19 Oct 2012

The Right Balance Between Trial and Mediation: Visions, Experiences and Proposals

11 May 2012

The Objectives, Scope and Focus of Mediation Legislation in Australia

04 Apr 2012

Elder Law in Australia, by Rodney Lewis; Launch, Parliament House, Sydney

06 May 2011

The Expert's Lament

28 Apr 2011

Judicial Mediation in Australia

21 Mar 2011

Cross Border Issues in Discovery Disclosure Orders and Search Orders

18 Feb 2011

The Repentant Trustee

08 Nov 2010

A Question of Dignity

25 Oct 2010

New South Wales Young Lawyers' Association State of The Profession Address

28 Aug 2010

2010 Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop

25 Nov 2009

Executors/Trustees and Mandatory Mediations

03 Aug 2008

Case Management

30 Nov 2007

Mediation in Hong Kong: the Way Forward Perspectives from Australia

31 Mar 2007

Litigation and Globalisation

26 Oct 2005

Presentation of Commercial Cases in the Supreme Court of New South Wales

05 May 2004

Methodology of the management of construction disputes in the Supreme Court of New South Wales

26 Nov 2003

Equity in Practice

06 Nov 2003

Commercial Causes Centenary Dinner

26 Aug 2003

Commercial Litigation: Tips for Success and Traps for the Unwary: A Judge's Perspective on Case Preparation

26 Jul 2003

A Judicial Perspective on what the Court expects from legal practitioners in equity and commercial litigation

17 Apr 2003

Conferral of Degrees Ceremony, Division of Law, Macquarie University

22 Oct 2002

National Judicial Orientation Programme - Time Management

28 Nov 2000

Interlocutory Procedures

04 May 2000

Women in Health Law

12 Nov 1999

Professional Legal Education in the Multi-Disciplinary Corporate Environment

29 Oct 1999

Women on Statutory Boards